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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Hello its me again. You know I was just walking past an empty shop in Morningside and I feel so sorry for that Bill Stickers everyone wants to prosecute him. I mean what has he done. There are posters on all the windows of empty shops Bill Stickers will be prosecuted.
Anyway I suppose its not my problem. I was at the doctors yesterday there's nothing wrong with me I just like the company. The gossip you hear in that waiting room. They were telling me that Allan and Andy's show Phones in their Jackets or something is doing very well at the box office. I cant imagine a show about mobile phones being much fun. Any way I'll go along to it and give it a look. I was hoping that they were going to call the next hurricane, hurricane May. You know how it goes alphabetically. They seem to have missed me. Ok I'm off the Marks and Spencers. I love their Shepherd pie.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

My wee Allan

Hello there, it's been a good drying day hasn't it. I'm so excited about my Allan's web site. I've been telling him for years to do this. He's always a bit slow on the uptake.

I've just been on the Arcadia cruise ship with him. Oh there's some sights on there. There was this should I say it .....big girl there. Poor soul had to be cut out of a hula hoop. Allan did very well in his shows. He got two sitting ovations.... wonderful.
I have to go now I will be keeping you up to date with our lives but for now I have to go nature calls.
Aunty May


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