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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hello again

Oh hello I'm sitting in Dundee. I came up to see my wee Allan in his final week at the Dundee Rep. You wouldn't believe how busy it is. Packed every night. I got some Dundee cake as well. I going to Forfar tomorrow.....don't know why but everybody says I should try a Forfar Friday...... I think thats what they said.
I was in Glasgow last week, I find that place very agist. A lot of the streets have big signs up sayin 20's plenty. I'm nearly 65 and I'll give any young bird a run for her money. Allan is getting his wigs and frocks ready for panto. People say that he bases his character on me. Am I bovered am I bovered do I look bovered.
Went to the premier of In Her Shoes the other night and at the party they auctioned a pair of Elizabeht Taylor's shoes for £10,000. rediculous they could of had a pair of my sesible shoes for a fiver. Mind you I suppose Elizabeth's shoes were hardly worn as the poor old cow stays in bed most of the time.
Ok I'm off to the shops


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