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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

my boy

Well, I'm so proud of my wee boy. Not only to see him in such a great show as Jolson & Co, but to know that he is on stage and not in frock. You see I get so annoyed when I hear people calling him a poof. I mean just because you wear a bra and tights doesn't mean your a shirt lifter. And then we had all that stuff in the papers about putting on that black make up. I mean to say we all know that Al Jolson was a black man who whited up during the day, and as this show is about a radio show which takes place during the day he would obviously be white. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Thank goodness he's not doing a show about Michael Jackson's life....what would he do then.
Anyway I saw the show on its opening night and the audience loved it. I was sitting next to an old woman who threw her pants at him.....not a pretty sight. They were those big bloomer ones. They nearly had is eye out. 
The show opens officially tonight so all the press people will be there. I told Allan I would be willing to sleep with the journalist to help get good reviews but he said no. Quite emphatically. 
Ok must go I have a to make a chocolate sponge for Allan's opening night present.
May x


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