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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the highest bidder.

Hello every one, well Allan's almost at the end of the Jolson and Co tour. I've been to see him a few times. Mainly because I fancy the sound man. Graham. Very good looking and he understands that my hearing isn't so good and knows just how loud to whisper in my ear. Unfortunately he hasn't taken the hint and has ignored all my advances. Which brings me to the reason for this blog. 
I read in the paper today that a young girl auctioned her virginity on the web. I immediately thought ....what a good idea. I could do that. Now you may think, is  May  still a virgin. I'm no Susan Boyle. Which reminds me, I'm a lot better looking than her and a better singer. Anyway, its been so long time since I had a wee bit. I'm now officially a born again virgin. So I could actually advertise my self as a virgin and see how much I can get. I wouldn't consider it for anything less than a tenor. The young girl got £9000 but I suppose she had age on her side. But never under estimate experience. So I shall await some bids. Don't let me down now.
Oh I met a lovely lassie the other day. She was interviewing Allan for a show on Alba TV. Her name was Cathy McDonald. (maybe we are related) She was very complimentary to me. She speaks funny though.
I'm also thinking of following in Joanna Lummley. I think all Gherkins show be allowed to stay in Scotland.
Anyway I'll speak to you soon.
Aunty May. xxx


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