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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yoo hoo

I haven't written for so long, I should be ashamed of myself. I just never seem to have the time nowadays. I'll have to be careful with all these scams happening in the news of the world at the moment. Imagine if I had been offered money for access to my wee Allan. Mind you I'd have done it for a tenor. I recently went to see Michael Buble (cant find the wee tick above the 'e' but you know who I'm talking about) He is a stoater. If I was a few years younger you would hear the woosh of my underpants fall to the ground if I met him. If I met him now you'd hear the thud of my tena ladies. Oh I'm sorry sometimes I can be so crude. I'm looking forward to Andy Gray coming back to the Panto this year. We had a wee thing for each other a few years ago. I've just bought a new house near Allan, its so expensive in London. I saw in the paper that the Queen's Windsor Palace was valued at £395 million. Can you imagine how much it would have been worth if she hadn't built it so near Heathrow airport. Always remember...location location location. I'm away for a wee cup of tea and an empire biscuit. See you soon.


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