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Monday, January 30, 2012

My play

Hello my little fans,

Well just thought I'd tell you about my play 'Aunty May's Big Day'. I have booked the Kings theatre in Feb 2013 to premier the show. It stars Andy (jowelly) Gray and myself. Its about our normal every day life as a married couple (we're acting it's not for real) and when we both see Britain's Got Talent is auditioning we both secretly want to go in for it. Andy as an Elvis impersonator and me with my singing dancing girls 'The Tenna Ladies" I hope it happens but there is one problem. If Andy is doing the Susan Boyle musical in 2013 and the dates clash we will have to postpone it till he is available. However my Allan has an alternative show to put into the Kings if mine doesn't work out.
I spent some time in Edinburgh this year and had some photos done with Andy. I will be putting them on the web site very soon. I'm also thinking of joining facebook and twatter....sorry twitter. Mind you not very good with technology.
Ok everybody keep and eye out for news of the play.


May xxx


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