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Friday, May 18, 2007

spring is in the air

Hello every one, I say spring is in the air because I have another new man. My last gas board friend dumped me. I was glad actually. There is nothing more boring than listening to him singing songs from the show he is writing " Gas the Musical" . He says it will be a smash hit. With songs like "Gas has no smell" and "The world would be a better place with out Electricity" you can imagine how boring life was. Anyway He phoned me and said he was missing me. I wont repeat what I said but I put his gas at a peep.
My new man works in a dairy. He smells a bit like old milk sometimes but you get used to it. Funnily enough he's writing somehting as well..... a book. Its called "Dribblings from my Dairy" or was it "Scribblings from my diary" cant remember but he has a great sense of humour. I took him to a wife swapping party last week (I'm a bit of a swinger you know). There was only one other couple there and he wasn't happy because it was the Krankies. Mind you I did hear him shout Fandabidozi more than once.
Well that's it for now I hope this relationship last a bit longer.... even if its just for the free milk and butter, not to mention the cheese.
Aunty May.


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