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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Aunty Mays rant

Hello, You know I've just realised that I'm wasting my wee Allan's blog I could be telling you what I think about everything that is annoying me....and there's plenty.

So.....where to start. That Andy Gray stuff....thank God its not my wee Andy. I saw this girl in the Mail on Sunday saying that she had been hounded out of her job by Mr Gray's disgusting taunts....then lo and behold hidden deep in the article we find out that she inadvertently threw a bottle which hit a girl on the head and split it open, she then went outside and fell over (all because the girl accused her of sleeping with the producer....which she was) and then spent time in a mental home. And this is the woman who has come out of the woodwork several years later to talk about abuse from Andy Gray. Shame on you Mail on Sunday.

I read today that the Egypt problem is escalating. They say Jordon might be next.....that Katie Price will do anything for publicity.

Milawai is banning farting. Thank God my wee Allan doesn't have any gigs there...

Cant stand that silly Welsh bird on the One show.....Alex my mother would have said, she's a right squeche (pronounced as in Loch)

Really into Daybreak now, not because my wee Ross King is on it but because its settled down now and Adrian and Christine are not trying so hard.

I see that woman talked about her daughter waxing.... that's not right. I just let it all hang out now. In fact you've heard of a Brazilian well I've had a Poirot (think of his moustache I have to explain everything.

Ok watch this space I may rant at anytime



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